We are Clixz.

We capture, we inscribe, we wander, we style, we taste. We're raw, untamed, lovers of art.

Who we are.

"Just photographs? No! We showcase the blend of imageries of smiles and instants. We give connotation to words and highlight the undertone of style. We are epicureans of food and capture the vagary of tattooed passports."

Kartik Rastogi

Founder & CEO

Vedangi Sahu


Ojas Raina

Head Photographer

Madhavi Arora

Chief Editor

Newton Pathak

Technical Head

Umair Yunus

Creative Head

Shivam Sharma

Head – Genesis Band – The Beginning

Sabhy Vij

Marketing Head

Vijay Bharath

Head Photographer

Sagar Arora

Chief Editor


ClixzYou is our canvas, and we paint it with the master-strokes of our imagination. The photographs we click are not just a crowded mess of stills, but reveal the exuberance of diverse events, nature and lifestyle.

Content Writing

We’re the footlights, evoking the vividness of captured moments inscribed with reminiscence and impressions. We’re the raconteurs of your chronicles.


We blend shapes, symbols and colors, to mould diverse ideas, in a way inscriptions cannot.


With curiosity in our hearts, we explore the world, matching our apparel with the vibrance of our souls. We serve the concoction of soupeons of your life, with a scoop of articulation, and a pinch of adornments. We are logophiles.

How we work.

1 We develop photographs, from the blueprints of emotions and memories.

2 Every picture speaks a thousand words, and we enchant that script to you.

3 We are a growing cluster of aesthetic folk, and we grow with your support. Rate us, Share us!

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