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National Tourism Day

In Life, News by Neha Dohling SharmaLeave a Comment

January 25th is celebrated as the National Tourism Day in India. It has been marked by the government of India to promote tourism, and educate people about the importance of tourism, …

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The Mystique Creation

In Life by Sagar AroraLeave a Comment

The erythemic stance of the blood, the vibrant speculation of the eye, the hold of a sensation through the skin, the essence of expression from a lie, entangling the vision …

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More Than A Child’s Play

In Life by Neha Dohling SharmaLeave a Comment

When it is exam season in India, it is furthermore suicide season in India. About 8,00,000 people commit suicide worldwide every year; of these, 1,35,000 are citizens of India. In …

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The Song Of Silence

In Life by Sagar Arora25 Comments

There was a script, in the glares of the night, and one could read the words denied, the words seemed to sing along the darkness of human heart, the colours …

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A lie

In Life by Madhavi Arora2 Comments

The shadow of your love, Rests deep under my eyes. The lump of your promises, Anchored down my throat. The sweet nothings, Ripping apart my soul. The peace in your …