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A Magnificent Troth

In Life by Shriya SahaLeave a Comment

A man and a woman, it’s their story Each and every moment, none nugatory He’s a man with sanguine demeanour His life rife with humour and clutter She’s a froward …

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What do you know?

In Life by Madhavi AroraLeave a Comment

Wounded, hurt, broken, But she’s still smiling Will you ever discern the pain, she’s perfectly hiding ? What do you know about her? Whom you held so close to you, …

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In Life by Suparna HaveliaLeave a Comment

Words. Words composed for lyrics, words composed for vows. Words to convey meaning, words to recite a poem. Words to proclaim my love for you, words to proclaim you as …

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In Life by Sagar Arora2 Comments

Simple rhythms of peace, In the sleeves of leaves, An emblem of silence, Breathing underneath the sea of green.   Each wind stroke told me, How it elevated my soul’s …