Journey through life

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Dreams, miracles,thoughts, destiny all require one thing, a thing called hope. Yes, hope, that one little thing that let’s you carry on the journey of a lifetime. What happens when hope runs out? What happens when life starts running out of time? Is that possible?

Life is that one small trap hole with bigger mazes in it. Don’t believe me? I once met a girl who was just 17  years old. What’s so new in meeting people? Nothing much but what if that little girl had a story to tell that had more misery and sorrow than happiness and joy? She was the only girl in her family born in another country, living with her parents and an elder brother. She travelled a lot as a child and settled in a foreign country with her family, trying to cope and adjust with everything thrown at her with a smile. Years passed by, the smile started to fade slowly and brought a frown on the face everytime someone said something. The dark brown eyes filled with joy and happiness turned into eyes of sorrow and misery, doubting herself in every thought, every action, every word. Looked around for someone to guide her, help her and tell her what was or is right and what’s wrong. But she was judged, her every word was taken in a way she never meant.

It became hard for her to even express herself even to her parents. She stayed silent everytime someone said something and ended up hurting herself. Cried herself to sleep, hurting and cursing as to why she was even alive, keeping all the pain inside of her like a mine that will burts if you land on it but always keeping a smiling face and making others laugh and smile was what she chose to do, rather than keeping a frown on her pretty face. She didn’t care how she looked anymore, she just wanted to life her life just for herself, not for anyone else. A life without expectations, pressure and without someone keeping a watch. But she always felt empty, a void inside of her that could never be filled. Those shattered pieces of her soul stuck temporarily just before someone comes and breaks her forever. Making her lose faith in people, in life, in anything she believed.

She didn’t give up hope despite what ever happened, how horrible the situations were. One thing she always had in mind was to move on with a goal to achieve, achieve it, conquer it,relive and make new goals each time the previous one was achieved. Nothing stopped her from doing so and nothing will stop her.

The thing she taught me and the impression she left with me was to that one should have courage to dream a dream that can be achieved,lived and conquered. If one does than they shall never lose hope on the dream, themselves and the path they walk on, no matter how long it takes or how far it’s from reach one shall conquer it if it was meant to be conquered. Wasting your life over the wrong decisions we once made and reliving them is of no use. Making better choices, better friends, better memories, making the time we live a better place for both you and me is what life is all about. Forgetting the past, living the present, looking up to what the future holds is what they say we need to do then do it. Being happy is all that’s requireded to move on and carry on the battalion. Don’t look back it’s scarier than you think it is, look infront reach for the light and run to the brightest post and scream “Eureka”.


              “If it makes you happy, DO IT.

                                If it makes you unhappy, FORGET IT!”


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