More Than A Child’s Play

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When it is exam season in India, it is furthermore suicide season in India. About 8,00,000 people commit suicide worldwide every year; of these, 1,35,000 are citizens of India. In a nation full of skilled minds and techies, education is nothing but a rat race. Education is not for the feeble hearts here. In 2013, 3,594 adolescents in the age group 10-14 killed themselves in India, 23,748 did in the age group 15-19 and 35,618 in the age group 20-24. The stories are as customary as they are heart rending.

The hunger for high income jobs and the demands of misguided parents has caused a suicide epidemic among students. Almost everyday, newspapers carry tragic reports of suicide by youngsters unable to bear the pressure or humiliation they face, due to their failure. Those failing to achieve the “golden ticket” to a better life, are on the losing end. Globally, suicide is the fourth leading cause of teenage deaths. India is the third largest killer of all. Parents must put themselves in their child’s place. Just like other adults, they have their share of daily demands and things that don’t go smoothly.

The pressures are diversified. Overbearing parents and their high expectations are the heart of the problem. What these youngsters crave the most in this world is, support. If frustrations and disappointments pile up, teenagers can get stressed or worried. Teenagers deal with their stress in both healthy and unhealthy ways, and while they may not express it, all they want is their parents to reach out and help them cope with their feelings. Education is necessary, but at the same time it does not take precedence over a human life.

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