Naissance Dans Le Paroles

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Vous? Avez vous vole dans ce ciel?

Si! Vous avez des ailes de paroles.

From the reverberance of the soul,

To the elusive rhythms of the globe,

I traveled from word to word,

Born with a vernacular of nature,

Driven to the valleys of the world,

Brought up with lures and notes,

Mysteries unraveled and grabbed my thoughts with sigh,

Till I rest and escape back to the reverberance of the sky.

The wings of the words, flying over the verse of life,

With colours blended into the flight,

Rather fading as we reach the sky,

At the end of this poem we meet,

As one, with no words left to escape the lie,

But we look at the naked night of the space,

Where the words had no religion or race,

Blind on the surface we were left to die,

Fly out to the truth of this verse,

Break through the bonds of the world.

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