Logan: Just When the Superhero-Fatigue Was Setting In…

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Logan, Hugh Jackman’ s last outing as Wolverine, is not your typical run of the mill lets-save-the-world-from-another-apocalyptic-event superhero movie but the story of the man behind the superhero.

Set in 2029, when all of mutant-kind is supposedly dead or in hiding, Logan (Hugh Jackman) is working as a limousine driver to be able to afford the much required drugs for Professor Xavier (played by Sir Patrick Stewart) who is suffering from a degenerative brain condition. They come across Laura (played by the young and supremely talented Dafne Keen), a mere child, who like Logan is a science experiment, is being hunted by the evil corporation which created her and other children like her to be turned into super soldiers. How Logan, in trying to help Laura (albeit with extreme reluctance), helps himself find some much needed peace and love is the crux of the film. This is to story of Logan’s torment, his struggle with what he has seen and done in his long life, his PTSD and his loneliness. There were quite a few sniffing noses and teary eyes on two particular scenes which are utterly heartbreaking.

The film is extremely well written, directed and edited, to the point that the running time of two and a half hours flies by, leaving you wanting for more. It goes on to prove that to make a superhero movie, it does not have to be cluttered with CGI, some cool action sequences and a poorly constructed and unconvincing plot. A good and heartfelt story is all that is needed.

Finding a fault in the movie is very difficult but if pressed for an answer, it would be the clichéd character of Pierce (played by Boyd Halbrook). This character tries to be in league with our lovable psychopaths Moriarty (BBC Sherlock) and Loki (Avengers and Thor) but this is exactly what makes him the only cliché in the movie that sets itself apart in its genre.

This movie is not for those who are looking for an Avengers’ kind fun, light action movie but for those who prefer more substance. That being said, I am a huge fan of Marvel Studios but they really need to up their game now.

The movie is the perfect send-off to Logan and Hugh Jackman. The movie is by far the best superhero movie ever made (yes, it beats Captain America: Winter Soldier and The Dark Knight). Expect to see Logan as well as Hugh Jackman get nominated for Best Picture and Best Actor respectively, in next year’s Academy Awards.


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