Rock On!! 2: Movie Review

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‘Rock On!!’; a flick that throbbed a whole new genre into Bollywood in 2008, was followed by a sequel, last Friday. The pertaining release did have an impact, but the magnitude wasn’t impressive. The movie featured Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli, as the major protagonists, driving the movie from a slow, or rather a discrete plot to the vibrant end. This movie does not live up to the critical standard, yet the idea it wanted to put out, is socially attractive and hence, the movie could tangle along the vast outlook of Indian Cinemas. Over all, it ended with the following ratings :

Indian Express: 2/5

Times of India: 3/5

Hindustan Time: 3.5/5


Farhan Akhtar (Aditya) had escaped the hectic urban life to find peace within the woods of North-East India. He is an activist, residing in nature’s lap, helping out farmers and children with education. It seems that the script writers shaped this movie on the basis of social interruptions in various backgrounds, including conditions in the music industry and primary social groups, that block out future in specific careers (as seen in the case of the character played by Shradda Kapoor). The plot development in the movie was not able to commend the character development. This eventually released an outlook of a loose script, which contrasted with the vibrance associated of tge prequel. Farhan Akhtar ultimately returns on the request of his old boy-band, ‘Magik’, and supports Shraddha Kapoor to establish her confidence to rock the stage. Although, this is a non spoiler review, the pinch of suspense might not even exist for some viewers. The movie is bound together by some fabulous acting performances, and the motivational vibe it creates.

With the end of the first week, the movie could not perform well due to various reasons; demonetisation being the major one. With all the pros and cons bought together, the genuine rating for the movie shall be an average i.e. 3 stars. If you are looking for a break, and a dose of motivation, in between the social prevalent problems, hit the theatres!

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